New Mexico

Brief Description:
The New Mexican landscape ranges from wide, rose-colored deserts to broken mesas to high, snow-capped peaks. Despite New Mexico’s arid image, heavily forested mouuntain wildernesses cover a significant portion of the state, especially towards the north. The Sangre de Cristo Mountains, the southernmost part of the Rocky Mountains, run roughly north-south along the east side of the Rio Grande in the rugged, pastoral north. The Southern portion of the state is dominated by the Tularosa Basin and the Sacramento Mountains to the South East.

The climate of New Mexico is generally semi-arid to arid, though there are areas of alpine climates, and its territory is mostly covered by mountains, high plains, and desert. The Great Plains are located in the eastern portion of the state, similar to the Colorado high plains in eastern Colorado.

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El Paso
Santa Fe

Notable History:
Lincoln County War

People to know about:
Dixie Rails Railroad
The Rustlers
Rangers, New Mexico Territory
The Navajo
The Apache

Bounty Board
(This area is a list of all the paying jobs that a Posse could reasonable find at a post office, news paper, or message board during their travels through the region.)

Wanted: Henry McCarty, aka, William Henry Bonney, aka, Billy the Kid for conspiracy and theft of government property, murder and bank robbery. $500 Dead or Alive. Contact nearest Ranger Office for more information.

New Mexico

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