The world is a big and evil place. Things don’t go “bump” in the night anymore. They come ripping out of the shadows, screaming and hunting for things to kill. An event called “The Reckoning” saw to that. The world was much like our own up until July 4th, 1863. The Reckoning took the world by storm and unleashed a powerful evil that changed everything forever. It was most noticeable after the battle of Gettysburg. By all accounts, the North should have won on that bloody day. But something horrible happened and the American Civil war dragged on for 12 more bloody years. The Civil war ended in an uneasy cease fire around 1875 between the two factions (Union and Confederacy) and the successfully separation of the Confederate States of America in 1876.

In 1868, a great earthquake shook the California coast so violently that much of it fell off into the Pacific Ocean. Now the coastal islands of California, or The Great Maze, remain where the coastline once stood. But from great tragedy comes opportunity, as Ghost Rock a previously undiscovered super material and fuel was discovered. This Ghost Rock catapulted the world’s technology with wondrous inventions and awesome weapons created by scientists from all over the world.

As the American Civil War raged on, the loss of life was high. Both factions suffered great losses in both men and resources. So much, in fact, that the long oppressed Indians of the west could resist placement on small out of the way reservations. Many of the Indian tribes banded together and formed 2 more factions, the Sioux Nations in the Dakota Territories and Coyote Confederation out of most of Oklahoma. With their success many tribes are returning to the Old Way before the white man’s steel and gunpowder. These Indians abhor technology, and live off of the land like their great ancestors before them.

While the Civil War might have come to a close, there are battles a ‘plenty in the disputed territories between the Union and the Confederacy. If that wasn’t bad enough the Great Rail War is become more and more intense as each of the six major railroads (Bayou Vermillion, Black River, Dixie Rails, Iron Dragon, Union Pacific, and Wasatch) set up their attacks on each other to reach California.

But as the white man pushes towards the coast line, reports of strange monsters and dangers far beyond our understand keep flooding back to the east. Legends once told by mothers to scare her children are real. Some say that even the land itself can become a place with darker shadows and morbid surroundings. Fear is becoming almost a physical thing as these stories of the macabre increase.

However, there are few men and women who dare stand up to the darkness and fear. They tell tales of their struggles with the supernatural, and how they fought back against the fear and won. They prove that this terror can be battled and even beaten. Not all of them survive the fight with evil, but they die knowing their sacrifice was not in vein to make the world a brighter place.

Are you one of those heroes…? Welcome to the Weird West.

Deadlands: New Mexican Standoff